xIcons plug-in for Photoshop

xIcons is a Photoshop CC plugin to generate and update all icons you need for publishing in leading mobile applications stores in just a few seconds.

Buy xIcons on Adobe Add-ons website and save you a lot of time.

What does xIcons do?

xIcons is a very agile tool for developers. You can create your image in any size and proportion, and xIcons will automatically resize it properly and choose the best resample method when exporting icons:

  • xIcons Exports all your icons from any image, in optimal format for publishing, in the folder you choose;
  • If you repeat the folder where your icons are, all files are automatically replaced, so you can update them quickly;
  • Renames all your icons so you can distinguish them quickly;
  • Dilates or compresses your images when necessary, configuring the best resampling algorithm;
  • Creates a copy of your project and opens it automatically, if it’s not already open, maintaining the project size that you were using, so you can continue working;
  • Everything in seconds! xIcons saves you hours of hard work!

Modify your file, use xIcons, rate your icons and continue your work! Learn more here.

Why do I need xIcons?

If you are an application developer you know your icon can sell your application. However, it’s a very tedious process to export and update it until it looks good in all sizes.

Moreover, after a while you may want to develop applications for other devices and will have to retake an art of an icon you can not remember or have to change to produce other ten icons.

What if you could save all these icons in a folder at once with the project file included? What if you could change this project and just click a button to update all of your icons? What if you had not to worry about resample methods, dimmensions, proportions, resolutions, and other app store’s requirements about icons? What if, in just one button, you could export all icons you need, like in the image below, directly from Photoshop?

How does xIcons help me?

Explore your creative flow and don’t waste time exporting and naming icons files nevermore!

xIcons simplifies the publication of your applications and you gain time to improve the appearance of your icons. Buy xIcons now!

Create and update icons for publishing in major app stores safely in very few seconds!

You can acquire xIcons accessing this page on Adobe Add-ons website.

For more information, please see the xIcons Learn page.

You can download an example of files exported by xIcons at this link.